Choose your OAG Assessment

OAG Pioneer

With OAG Pioneer, you get the tools
you need to improve your gross margin,
reach your aspirational goals, and take
your business to the next level.

Pioneer is a self-assessment for
single-site operation where aspiration
and current state data is entered
consecutively producing a report in
under 90 minutes.

Executive summary
Detailed report
Improvement recommendations
Financial benefits if actioned

OAG Spearhead

Spearhead is a coordinated
assessment for a single-site operation
where the assessor can establish
aspiration and current state data via
input from selected people.

The potential gross margin improvements
Strengths and weaknesses identified
Detailed improvement actions
Dynamic dashboard tracking improvement actions and outcomes
- Monitoring of assessment progress
- Analysis of assessment results
- Individual components examined
Executive summary and detailed reports

OAG Vanguard

Vanguard is a coordinated
assessment for multi-site operations
to establish Aspiration and Current
state for individual and cross-site
performance analysis.

The potential gross margin improvements for each site and the actions required to achieve them.
The group’s current state and the potential financial benefits for achieving its aspirations.
A dynamic dashboard
- Monitoring of assessment progress
- Analysis of assessment results
- Individual components comparison
- Compare and contrast any combination of sites
Setting standards and tracking of improvement actions and outcomes.
Executive summary and detailed reports for each site and the selected group.
All the elements required for the development of a strategic plan for operations.


OAG Janus is a FREE 5 - minute self-assessment for a single site manufacturing company designed to
summarise the full assessment process and provide an overview of the operation and the potential for improvement


“Within one week we had assessed the current state, set aspirations, formulated detailed action plan and communicated it to everyone.

The OAG assessment gave me a comprehensive review of the current state of the operation and an improvement plan focussed on the goals I want to achieve. The team enjoyed being involved and the factory as a whole have a greater understanding of the need to change.”

Mark Manning - Richmann Walsh Engineering Ltd.

“We asked OAG to perform manufacturing due diligence on the potential acquisition of a manufacturing business in Suffolk.

Internally our buy-in team of four, with experience covering Marketing, Finance, HR factory management and manufacturing, we believed we had sufficient skills to have fully assessed the business we were considering acquiring. Fortunately, we decided to hire OAG, whose on-site team reviewed the operations over a period of 4 days and reported promptly to us. Their report identified opportunities for significant improvement but more importantly OAG identified costs and risks that our own review had missed. Their findings led us to change our offer and to justify that change. The vendor chose not to accept.

OAG saved us from a very costly mistake.”

Chris Lowe - Director - Colobus Ltd

“We asked R.I.M.E. to conduct an onsite assessment of our manufacturing operation and make recommendations to help us turn around its performance. The detailed analysis and information generated from their assessment model gave us the basis of a recovery plan.”

James Carter – CEO and Investor