OAG Vanguard
A collaborative assessment
for multi-site operations
The OAG Vanguard will
assess the effectiveness of your
manufacturing operations
Assessing multiple manufacturing operations allows for a comprehensive overview of the entire organisation. Taking the time to analyse each individual operation offers insight into their strengths and weaknesses and provides opportunities for improvement and growth.

This analysis can also inform where investments should be made in order to yield the highest returns, as well as set performance standards for the entire group. Additionally, looking at multiple operations allows companies to identify and share best practices across the organisation, leading to increased efficiency and profitability. Overall, taking the time to assess multiple manufacturing operations can have significant benefits for a company’s overall performance.

An OAG assessment comprises 7-key components that directly influence your company’s financial performance. The assessment works by determining your current state and aspirations for the group or for individual operations and identifying improvement actions to close the gap.

It consolidates the results for each operation and the group within your OAG dashboard. Involving your Site Leaders in the assessment process is easy and ensures everyone is on board with the improvement journey.

The OAG Vanguard assessment is an invaluable tool for any company that wants to improve its operations. You’ll have a clear roadmap for achieving optimal performance and achieve lasting success.
So why wait? Get started today with the OAG Vanguard assessment.
The potential gross margin improvements for each site and the group.
The group’s current state and the potential financial benefits for achieving its aspirations.
A dynamic dashboard
  • - Monitoring of assessment progress
  • - Analysis of assessment results
  • - Individual components
  • - Compare and contrast any combination of sites
Setting standards and tracking of improvement actions and outcomes
Executive summary and detailed reports for each site and the selected group
All the elements required for the development of a strategic plan for operations
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