Pioneer Dashboard

All OAG assessments are completed online via a dashboard. When you create an OAG account, you receive a secure login that takes you to your Pioneer dashboard.

Assessment Input Dashboard

When you purchase a Pioneer Assessment, you will be taken to the ‘Assessment Input Dashboard’ which remains ‘Live’ until the assessment has been finalised and submitted. This dashboard controls the data input sequence starting with ‘Complete Questionnaire’. Each button turns green once the data entry is completed. When all the buttons, except the ‘Finalise and Submit Inputs’ button, are green, ‘View Summary’ is enabled to check the data that has been input. When you are satisfied that all the information is correct, select ‘Finalise and Submit Inputs’ to view and download your reports.

Pioneer Dashboard

Your Pioneer Dashboard is accessed via your account login. The dashboard is where your assessment reports are stored and can be viewed and downloaded.

From the dashboard you can purchase and store multiple assessments to monitor improvement through the reassessment of an existing site or to compare and contrast different operations.

Pioneer is a self-assessment for single-site operations where aspiration and current state data is entered consecutively producing a report in under 90 minutes.